Tail Waggers

We truly care about all dogs who wear Tail Wag collars and leashes. We hapilly look at all of the photos which are sent to us and love sharing them with the world. Here are some stylish Tail Waggers:

Queen Lola is an extremely creative pooch. Here she is with her new Skull dog collar. For a boost of color and bliss follow her here

This is Bongo, the sweetest Beagle you will ever meet, wearing the Navajo dog collar. He is one of Tail Wag's models and loves posing for the camera. 

Benazir Bhutto is soaking up the sun with her new Sari dog collar. This pup definitely knows a good life! 

Cheza is a gorgeous and extremely talented Border Collie. She has mastered all kinds of tricks and has even been on live TV! Tail Wag proudly sponsors her. You can learn all about her and her human here

This is Kika with her Skull dog collar. This mischievous Beagle knows a whole lot about being cool. 

Tail Wag loves receiving canine visits during markets and fairs. This Ridgeback puppy was exploding with energy and happiness. The Flamingo dog collar contrasts beautifully with her fur! 

Our hearts melted when we looked at this picture sent by Marley's owner. This adorable Cocker Spaniel looks so happy with his new Dark Knight dog collar and leash. 

Sharpei Joey is a true star! He has over 40 thousand followers on instagram! We heard that Joey is a true heartbreaker, even more so, with his Pacman dog collar. Follow him here for great stories and adventures. 

Meet Spy, the puppy! This sleepy Bull Terrier is a true cutie. He also looks great with his Friendship II dog collar. 

Mel, as the name suggests, is a true sweetheart. The Heartsy dog collar truly matches this Pitbull's loving personality.

Âmbar was another market visitor. This big guy loved cuddles and him and his human chose the Pacman dog collar.

And last, but not least is Lola! One of Tail Wag's founders, Lola puts up with all of our creative ideas and tries everything out. Here she is with the new Peace Sign Bandana, which will soon be available on our online store. 

Soon we will show you some more Tail Waggers xx 


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