Riley and his human Chaity

Isn't Riley a cutie? Photo credit: @ichaityIsn't Riley a cutie? Photo credit: @ichaity

You probably know Riley and his human Chaity from the Instagram community (@ichaity). When Chaity takes stunning shots of the adorable and goofy Riley, she brings animal lovers together to share optimistic stories. Chaity and Riley manage to mold discussions and debates into the Instagram format and take their followers on a journey filled with imagination, creativity and positive vibes. They also do this while raising awareness to important messages and causes such as pet abuse, pet care and a healthy lifestyle.

Chaity and Riley took part in Pit Bull Awareness Month with the #pitbullflowerpower project, initiated by photographer Sophie Gamand, which promotes this breed, and all dogs, in the positive light they deserve. Other campaigns also include the #stayclassypoopy, which encourages owners to pick up after their dogs and #ourpearlywhites, which stresses the importance of pet dental care. Tail Wag was lucky enough to speak to Chaity.

Riley looking handsome for the
#stayclassypoopy campaign
Photo credit: @ichaity
When and how did Riley come into your life?
It was during my recovery period a few years ago, sometime after I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. We were looking to adopt a dog who could help me be active again. Riley did just that and so much more.

When you started posting pictures of Riley, did you think he would have such a great impact? 
I never imagined my hobby would turn into what it is today. I am extremely grateful that people are interested in my work, and care enough to participate in my projects/campaigns. The support has been epic and it’s made a tremendous difference in our lives.

How has Riley, his fans and your followers influenced your life? 
In short, Riley rescued me. He keeps me active and it has helped a lot in my recovery. My followers inspire me through their positivity. When they share their thoughts with me about the different subjects I discuss, they teach me so much. It has strongly influenced my lifestyle.

Showing off his stunning smile for the
 #ourpearlywhites campaign.
Photo credit: @ichaity

You and Riley are involved in many projects and causes. Which were the most important to you and what messages and campaigns can we expect in the future?
They are all equally important, but one that holds a special place in my heart is my first campaign, the #ourpearlywhites. Due to its success, it’s since been amazing to see the causes other Instagramers have set in motion. I do have a new direction I'd like to take. It involves helping artists/photographers. The details will be revealed soon enough.

As a responsible and caring dog owner, what health and care tips can you give other owners? 
I see many people quickly turn to antibiotics or pharmaceutical products to care for their pet. I’d like to encourage people to try natural means of healing their pet. Some fruits and vegetables make for delicious and healthy snacks. Coconut oil can be great to reduce cracks in a dog’s paw and it’s safe to lick. Homemade Pumpkin puree or rice water can help with your pet's digestion.

Going for a healthy icicle snack
Photo credit: @ichaity 

Could you spare us some secrets on how to take amazing pet photos? 
Contrary to what most people think, I don’t own a camera. I had to sell my Canon last year to pay for treatment. It is borrowed from friends and family and that means I learn to use different camera settings. Stick to manual and play with your settings. You learn more through bad shots. Large windows help, as I use natural lighting.

 Chaity's main photography tip: natural light and big windows. Photo credit: @ichaity
Chaity's main photography tip: natural light and big windows.
Photo credit: @ichaity


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