Pawmade with love <3

For you and your dog!
For chill adventures and walkies!

We aren't fans of Bulldogs or Labradors. We aren't even fans of Westies. We love all dogs: the purebreds and the mutts, the big and small ones, the sporty and lazy ones. Because all of them feel the same joy when we come home, play, cuddle and go on adventures. Whichever their breed, size or story. 

This is the Tail Wag spirit. 


autumn/winter '22
Personalized hoodies

A hoodie for your dog which you can personalize with whatever name, text or image you'd like. They'll be as warm as they look cool!

Embroidered personalization
Name on!

It has been our goal from the beginning to make every item as personalised as possible,  for every single fur child out there. This is a whole new level, a collar/leash made just for your pupper!  It's game on for custom goodies! 

For an extra chic look

Gold Hardware

All our collars and leashes are now available with a blush gold hardware add-on! This is the perfect look if you and your Tail Wagger are looking for some extra bling bling <3

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