Air Tag Case

Air Tag Case

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Apple Air Tag Case

The moment I discovered the Air Tag bluetooth tracker I decided to buy one for my escape artist but it came without a case to attach to his collar.  So, we brought the coolest designs so you can get one for your stylish Tail Wagger, as well!

  • Made from silicone 
  • Sturdy and protective 
  • Limited edition and limited to stock
  •  4 designs to choose from (please pick from list)

What is an Air Tag? 
An Air Tag is a bluetooth tracking device sold by Apple. It is meant to be used with iPhones and can be stuck to any items you want to find. It works by using the signals of other iPhones, around the location of the air tag, to identify the location. Many people use it on their pet's collars, because in case they flee, you can see where they are on your Iphone. It is usually sold without any type of adapter or case for a dog or cat collar. 

Why the Wag-no-Pull is our bestseller

It works!

Your dog's leash will connect at the chest which causes your pupper to lose their center of gravity when pulling on walks. They quickly adapt to this new system without any type of discomfort. See the harness in action here.

It's cute & colorful

Because all of us have different styles and personalities and that goes for our dogs too! We love to bring color to your walkies as well as comfort. A little funky never hurt nobody!

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