Which harness should I pick for my dog?

The difference between the Yay-no-Pull and the Wag-no-Pull: 

We have been asked about the main differences between the two harnesses we have available! They Wag-no-Pull and the Yay-no-Pull <3

The first harness we ever launched was the Wag-no-Pull. This front lead harness has been a success for years and has helped many families enjoy walks with their Tail Waggers. It works by attaching the leash to the loop on the dog’s chest. By doing this, it is easier to steer the dog and re-direct him or her from pulling. It has helped lots of families with keeping their Tail Wagger’s focused on them during walks, and stay by their side, without causing pain or discomfort. This is very important to create a better environment to get to the root cause of many dogs’ fears, anxieties or excitements during walks. We also paired the Wag-no-Pull with the funkiest patterns so that not only walks would be chill but also super fun and colourful! 

Recently, we have released a new type of harness called the Yay-no-Pull. They Yay-no-Pull is a “Y” style harness and that’s why we named it “Yay”. Also, because, “Yay” for comfy adventures with our dogs! The Yay-no-Pull dog harness is a double clip harness. This means that you can choose to attach the leash on your dog’s chest or your dog’s back, depending on the type of walk you are going on. You can also use a multi-position leash and use one end on the chest and the other on the back, for more control during training or on walks. 

Which one should you pick?
There is no straight forward answer. It depends a lot on your dog’s body type and attitude during walks. We decided to develop the Yay-no-Pull because some owners like to have the option of switching the leash depending on the activity they are practising with their dog. It is also more ideal for dog’s with different body types than usual because it is super adjustable. It has 6 adjusters while the Wag-no-Pull has 4 adjusters. Some dogs also feel more comfortable with a “Y” shaped harness than with a front lead harness because it applies pressure more evenly through the dog’s body. However, the Wag-no-Pull maybe be better for dogs who don’t like putting on their harness, which is also very common. It is faster and simpler to dress because it is wider (faster to slip on) and only has one buckle you need to attach. 

The price point is different because one has a lot more material and sewing involved. This does not mean that one is a better or worse option for your pup. They are both great tools and a comfortable and safe choice for your Tail Wagger. 

If you have any doubts on which one to pick please get in touch with us! We’d love to help!