Welcome to Tail Wag!

Welcome to our online store! We are proud to present our handmade dog collars and leashes which you can purchase for an affordable price. As dog lovers, we are always looking for different ways to get in contact with those like us. Now, we can!

And who are we? A couple from Portugal and our dog (Carmo, Zé and Lola - our Westie). We really do care about your dog walks, thus we use the finest materials and hardware, as well as implement the best handmade sewing techniques, to ensure your pup's safety. We had noticed that dog collars weren't usually affordable (and sometimes not even appealing) so we decided to create them ourselves. We seek to color your pet's neck with as much imagination and "funky-ness "as possible. 

We had started the Tail Wag project on instagram (@tail_wag) as a "dog watching" photo journal, where we would visually record images of gorgeous dogs we saw around us. We wish to continue doing this as well.  

We also wish to donate part of our profit to local shelters in our area (Lisbon). We will be announcing which ones soon!

I hope you follow our collections and keep up with the blog, where we will be writing articles on man's best friend. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at sales@tail-wag.com.

Happy shopping, browsing and reading! 


Carmo and Zé

A dog wags its tail with its heart. 
         - Martin Buxbaum


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