Meet Samoa Kai

Interview with Samoa Kai, the humble mystery pitbull mix, and her humans.

We think Samoa Kai the Super Mutt is one of the best dog social media accounts online! As well as a Tail Wag model, Samoa is an advocate for very important causes. Her Facebook account is oozing with positive messages and creativity and her sweet face will make you smile every time. Also, she is so utterly adorable.

We spoke to her Mum, Paula, a professional photographer and dog lover.

When and how did Samoa come into your life?

We, non believers of the supernatural, think it was destiny. I was going through a really rough patch in my life after losing a very close and awesome grandfather. One day (September 1st) I was on Facebook and saw a picture of a tiny being sleeping on the ground (on a friend’s Dog Hostel page) and left a comment - “I confess that this photo makes me nostalgic. Her eyes really look like my Oscar's eyes. Cheers for her owners because if she is half the dog Oscar was they will be very lucky to have her”. Oscar was my 16 year old Doberman who had passed away one year before. Oscar was hugely responsible for my love of dogs and why I chose Veterinary as her degree.

5 minutes had passed since my comment as I received a message from my friend and Hostel owner saying -  “You really love Jackie's eyes? She is up for adoption and she really needs someone like you".Well... that being said and trying to sum things up...I am usually an extremely cautious person; however, I looked at Ruben and said something along the lines of – “Ruben this dog needs me, so I guess we need to adopt her”. Jackie was in the Hostel in Torres Vedras and we were in Porto (that’s relatively far). So we only met one week after we made our decision.

Both of you (Samoa’s humans), Paula and Ruben, have a photographic studio and you take outstanding pictures. Is photographing pups your true calling?
We love our work and do almost all kinds of photography, but we both are oriented to our different areas of preference. Ruben, who has academic training in architecture and graphic design, is more oriented towards architecture and product photography. I’m more oriented for animal, fashion and food photography. We don’t consider photographing animals a true calling because it's in our nature to be thrilled when taking pictures of animals. It's probably the kind of photography that flows more naturally to us.

As a responsible and caring dog owner, what health and care tips can you give other owners?

As a dog owner/lover/fanatic I truly believe that one of the most important tips I can give is to enjoy the companionship of your dog as much as you can, because, as with Humans, everything can change in a heartbeat and it's really important to live a really joyful and fulfilling life together (sometimes it can’t  be as long as we wanted to).

Quality food, comfy beds, and awesome collars ( have you met Tail Wag yet? ) are also very important to us. 

Off theme, but on theme, I think that dog training is one of the simplest ways of having a happy dog as well as a healthy relationship with one. Mental health is really important to us.

Could you spare us some secrets on how to take amazing pet photos?

Our greatest secret is having good treats in almost every jacket, car or jeans and being prepared for making squeaky and beat-box-like sounds at the right timing!

We also spoke to Samoa: 

Tell us about your wonderful self.

Well... I'm wonderful. That being said I am humble too! Our house doesn't really go with dog labels but we were curious about my genetics, so after some research my we found out I really look like a "Bull Lurcher". Unfortunately “Bull Lurchers” are a Pit Bull/Greyhound mix used for anything but good: racing, dog fighting and badger killing. We know I am a Pit Bull type of dog mix, and a very loving and sweet princess that loves to sleep on my owner's bed, cuddle, spoon, and do every kind of activity that involves my sweet eyes, having my ears down and snoring. I am super playful and love to do tricks for treats. I enjoy being outdoors as much as being indoors. What the hell... I love life!

You are a spokesdoggy for very important causes. Which are closest to your heart?

I really have some really important stuff on my plate, but I guess I can say that I have two causes that are specially important to me.

Firstly we have the Pitties subject- I will not bore you with a long text about how good Pitbulls are (believe me we are reallyyyyyy good dogs), but I can say that I hear more times in a day - "This dog is wonderful, are you sure it's a Pit Bull ?" than I would like. Good owners make good dogs. And of course that every dog of every breed has bad days, after all we are all animals, like humans right? Secondly is the subject of animal neglect and abandonment and there is so much I could say on the subject. Come on humans, shouldn't you be better than us? If you don't really want a dog, don't get one. We cry, we bite and we destroy stuff, but we can love you like no human ever will. (insert many hearts here to increase emotion ) Don't be sad, because my truest cause is you... who are reading this, a text from a mix/mystery mutt that will love you no matter what.

How has your brother Congo and all of your other foster brothers and sisters influenced your life?

Congo is the prettiest dog alive! (He really is, don’t even try to tell me otherwise). He has helped me a lot by teaching me about loving other dogs and people as well as training me in the arts of puppy/wishful eyes that make our owners go mad in treat giving, just don’t tell them ok?  He is wonderful too, my own cuddly black bear. 

We rescue pups for future families and I have had many foster brothers and sisters. The truth is that every dog that lives in our home is forever family. I love teasing newcomers by making them play 24/7 (this part my owners don't approve as much because we like being really loud). We are awesome at making new pups realize how good they can be with some training (it's all about those treats).


How did you learn how to pose so beautifully for photos?

Congo helped me in the beginning with the big eyes posing stuff. Then I borrowed my owner's William Wegman book and saw some weird looking dogs wearing awkward clothes. I thought it would be nice for a mutt to show them how to do it better (remember, I am humble).

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