7 ways to keep your dog fresh and safe this summer

We’ve gathered the coolest tips to keep your dog comfy and happy during hot days.

7 ways to keep your dog fresh and safe this summer

1) Walk and exercise your dog in the morning or in the late afternoon 
This is best to avoid the hottest hours of the day. Your dog will also need exercise during the summer, although you might not feel like it. Watch out for hot asphalt when you go for walks, if it’s too hot for your feet, it’s probably too hot for theirs as well.

2) Keep your freezer stocked up with delicious and fresh fruity treats
You can even make some pup-sicles out of fruit, natural yogurt and peanut butter. Just double check that the fruits you use are suitable for dogs (grapes are out of question).

3) Keep your dog hydrated at all times
Keep various water bowls around the house and switch the water for freshness. Carry a water bottle and a portable bowl when you go on walks- this will remind you to keep hydrated as well!

4) Get a kiddie pool
Get creative and enjoy your inner child by playing with your dog in a kiddie pool. If your pup likes water it will be a ton of fun! You can even run through a sprinkler with your dog.

5) Apply sunscreen on your pooch
Dogs can get sunburns too. So if you are going on a summer outing be sure to apply sunscreen on exposed areas such as the ears, the nose and the belly.  Before you do this you should test the sunscreen on your dog to find out if he is allergic, by applying a small portion and watching how the skin reacts. Also, get a sunscreen that is appropriate for dogs.

6) Shade, shade, shade!
If you are taking your dog to the beach, to the park or even to your own garden for long hours make sure you provide shade for your fur baby at all times.

7) Take your dog to a groomer
A haircut is a great way to keep your dog cooler this summer, especially if your Tail Wagger has a long and thick coat. Just make sure your dog doesn’t get completely shaved so that their skin will not be exposed, which increases chances of a sunburn.

Photo: Samoa Kai the Super Mutt

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