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Welcome to Tail Wag! My name is Carmo and I'm proud to present our handmade dog collars and leashes which you can purchase for an affordable price. As a dog lover, I'm always looking for different ways to get in contact with those like me. Now, I can <3
We aren't fans of Bulldogs or Labradors. We aren't even fans of Westies. We love all dogs: the purebreds and the mutts, the big and small ones, the active and lazy ones. Because all of them feel the same joy when we come home, play, and cuddle. And all of them feel the same sadness when they are mistreated, abandoned and rejected. Whichever their breed, size or story. This is the Tail Wag spirit. 

We really do care about your dog walks, so we use the best materials and hardware, as well as implement the best handmade sewing techniques, to ensure your pup's safety. We had noticed that dog collars weren't usually affordable (and sometimes not even appealing) so we decided to create them ourselves. We seek to color your pet's neck with as much imagination and "funky-ness "as possible. 


Photos, imagery and design | Whom Creative Studio
Our photos and design elements are created by the dream team at Whom Creative Studio. Since they are both awesome dog people they help us conceive products and draw a picture of how everything will look from prototype to bestselling item. We are very proud and flattered to have this talented duo have them on board and we absolutely love their pups Samoa and Congo, which are also our models and inspirational Tail Waggers. You can also follow Samoa and Congo's adventures here


We hope you follow our collections and keep up with the blog, where we will be writing articles on man's best friend. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at sales@tail-wag.com.

Happy shopping, browsing and reading! 


Carmo, Lola and Bean xx

Photos by: Samoa Kai


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tailwagcollars@gmail.com | 911023850